IRC Bot MAFIOZI. (Russian version)

Download the souce code
Russian Mafia client-free multiplayer popular IRC Game written on perl. A very popular multiplayer game in Russian IRC.
(Based on popular russian card game "MAFIA". To understand it really, the full sense of the game, read here)


After the crush of the Soviet Union, Moscow was plunged into a mafia terror. Russian Goverment asking asking Italian parliament to send them the most talanted detective Commissar Katani, who keep in fear italian mafia Kosa Nostra. Katani arrives in Moscow and with civilians is trying to calm down the crime in the city.
This if fully atomatic game, on the over hande it's very interesting and simple multiplayer game. All the game function processed by the IRC mafia bot, which also stores the statistic informations and game points, bank accounts.

The main goal in this game to win. Peaceful civilians have to find and kill all mafia men and maniac, or mafia men and maniac have to kill all civilians, Commissar Katani and other peaceful roles. This mean, peaceful roles have to guess who is bad and kill them - how they can kill them, look down.

It's a round game, with a stages. At the start of each round the mafia bot randomly distribute the roles. The round two stages - day and night, with are repeating until the one of the sides win or until the draw. During the night the roles make the commands, and during the day all players decide whom to kill because of the evidence or guessing, or to process without killing.

To start you have to type !reg during the round registration. After you just follow the mafia bot commands.

After the round registration you will receive a role.

During the night you will be asked about a order to the bot, concerning the role you have.

During the day you have to talk to other players to guess who is criminal, and making votes for the person to kill (codnamn to die).

After the vote the acused person will die. If no winners from civilians or mafia, the game starting again at night stage.

Commissar Katani - has to protect citizens (may kill or chech the player's role), knows vagabond

Civilian (Citizens) - just peaceful citizens.

Doctor - may heal from the death.

Vagabond - may check people and helps Katani

Avocate - has +25% of votes

Bad roles

Mafia - has to eliminate other players, may kill

Maniac - has to eliminate other players, may kill

Neutral roles

Callgirl - may sleep with people, if a player doesn't have a condom, he dies another evening.

Thief - steals money or items

Gun (7% to avoid the death)
Tommy-gun (12% to avoid the death)
Sniper rifle (5% to avoid the death)
Body armour (30% to avoid the death)
Knife (3% to avoid the death)
Mannequin (65% to avoid the death)
Explosive mannequin (90% to avoid the death)
Condom (avoid death from a prostitute)
Mercedes 600 (just for fun)
(if an item has been used, with it's probability it may dissapear)